Afdhel is also the co-author of 'Good is the New Cool: Market Like You give a Damn' which shows how brands can unleash the potential of a revolutionary new model: 'How to Make Money and Do Good, by Harnessing the Power of Cool' with 7 key principles:

1. Know Your Purpose (A.K.A. know what you give a damn about): Purpose is the new fifth ‘P’ in Marketing.

2. Find Your Allies: Brands, culture creators and non-profits should collaborate in ways that ‘make money, and do good, by harnessing the power of cool’.

3. Think ‘Citizens’ not ‘Consumers’: Brands should think about people in a way that is ‘Transformational’ not ‘Transactional’.

4. Lead with the Cool but Bake in the Good:Socially impactful brands need to use the power of cool (great design, great story) to inspire people.

5. Don’t Advertise, Solve Problems: Brands should create physical and digital experiences that live at the ‘intersection of useful and delightful’.

6. People are the New Media: If you create something amazing, you generate the holy grail of all marketers – word-of-mouth recommendation.

7. Back Up the Promise with the Proof: Make sure you back up your words with actions.

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