Good is The New Cool: How Business Can Be a Force for Good 

We are in the age of Conscious Capitalism. And Conscious Capitalism requires Conscious Marketing.

In this inspiring and motivational talk, Afdhel shows how business can be a force for good, by balancing profit with the needs of their consumers and communities.

He shares some of the insights from researching purpose-driven brands like Warby Parker, Adidas, The Honest Company and Zappos, who are creating a revolution in business by ‘doing well by doing good’.

Thought-provoking principles from his book ‘Good is the New Cool' like 'Think Citizens Not Consumers’, 'People are the New Media' and ‘Don’t Advertise Solve Problems'' will help businesses future-proof for the Millennial and Gen-Z generations of conscious consumers - and also attract the best employee talent who are drawn to organizations where they can do meaningful work.’

“We are at a crossroads: either we can try to prop up the old, broken marketing model, or we can create a new model, one that is fit for the unique challenges of today.”

– From 'Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn'

Good is The New Cool: Leading with Purpose 

How do find your purpose in your work? How do you link it to the purpose of your organization? 

Worldwide, a Gallup poll showed that 87% of people are dissatisfied and disengaged with their jobs.  We are in a moment where doing meaningful work with ladders up to a higher social impact has become the goal of many people. But how do you go about finding your purpose in your work? How do you find ways to link it to the purpose of your organization? How do you inspire purpose in your teams? In this honest and inspiring talk, best-selling author Afdhel Aziz (author of ‘Good is the New Cool’) reveals insights and tips to help you find meaning in your work.


"Average leaders look after themselves and their families. Good leaders look after themselves, their families and maybe some of the community. Great leaders not only look after these stakeholders but also want to change the world, and leave it better than they found it.”

– Tex Gunning

Watch Afdhel Aziz talking about business as a force for good on 'Hero Talk'.