Afdhel Aziz is a speaker, writer and award-winning marketer who has worked for brands such as Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Nokia and Absolut, where he most recently created and ran Absolut Labs, that was praised by Forbes as 'one of Top 3 marketing innovation labs to emulate.'

One of the world's leading experts on brand purpose, he is the co-author of the book Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn which explores how brands like Warby Parker, The Honest Company and Zappos attract loyal customers through their mission of ‘doing well by doing good’ -   and also retain the best talent by helping employees find meaningfulness in their work.

He is currently Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Conspiracy of Love, a think-tank and idea incubator that helps Fortune 500 companies 'make money AND do good by harnessing the power of culture and technology.'

He has been a featured speaker at the Cannes Lions, SXSW, TEDx, Advertising Week, The Gathering, the Chief Digital Officer Conference: Silicon Valley, Columbia University and many more.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Vice, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, The Guardian, Coolhunting, Billboard, Hypebeast, Mashable and more.

As an award-winning marketer he is also an expert on how brands can deliver cutting-edge campaigns, content and experiences that harness technology and popular culture, having worked with world-class artists such as Lady Gaga, Deadmau5 and Kanye West, as well as diverse partners like the TED Conferences, Art Basel, Coachella Festival, and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Examples of his work include Absolut Reality, the world’s first live streamed virtual reality concert;  Absolut Deadmau5, a groundbreaking video game with electronic music superstar Deadmau5; and Absolut Open Canvas, which transformed entire city blocks in Brooklyn and San Francisco into contemporary art installations.

He has a Masters Degree in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics, and an BA Honors Degree in English Literature from King's College London.

Click here for his Forbes and Fast Company interviews.

"Afdhel's session at The Gathering on how brands can be a force for good blew the audience away with it's mix of provocative thinking, honesty and humor. Was one of the best received sessions of the year."

– Greg Damus, Managing Director, The Gathering

“What I love about Afdhel is the way he draws people in. I keep asking him to speak at my storytelling seminar because his warmth and enthusiasm are so infectious you just can’t help but be engaged.” 

Frank Rose, Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab



Afdhel is also a prolific writer and journalist. He is the co-author of 'Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn' (Regan Arts, 2016) , a provocative manifesto for a bold new model of marketing, which helps brands become a force for good.

As a journalist, he has written for Campaign USA and PSFK on marketing, as well as having a regular column in Brooklyn Magazine about social businesses which you can access here.

He has also written 'China Bay Blues', a book of poetry, and 'Strange Fruit', a novel, as well as being founder and editor of 'Serendipity', a magazine for the global Sri Lankan community.

"We were so thrilled and honored that Afdhel and Bobby kicked-off our A&M Series. They did a phenomenal job inspiring and educating our audience and have joined the many legends like David Ogilvy and Donny Deutsch that have presented at our club before."

– Cathryn Gonyo, The Advertising Club of NY



This book reveals how brands can unleash the potential of a revolutionary new model: 'How to Make Money and Do Good, by Harnessing the Power of Cool' with 7 key principles:

1. Know Your Purpose (A.K.A. know what you give a damn about): Purpose is the new fifth ‘P’ in Marketing.

2. Find Your Allies: Brands, culture creators and non-profits should collaborate in ways that ‘make money, and do good, by harnessing the power of cool’.

3. Think ‘Citizens’ not ‘Consumers’: Brands should think about people in a way that is ‘Transformational’ not ‘Transactional’.

4. Lead with the Cool but Bake in the Good: Socially impactful brands need to use the power of cool (great design, great story) to inspire people.

5. Don’t Advertise, Solve Problems: Brands should create physical and digital experiences that live at the ‘intersection of useful and delightful’.

6. People are the New Media: If you create something amazing, you generate the holy grail of all marketers – word-of-mouth recommendation.

7. Back Up the Promise with the Proof: Make sure you back up your words with actions.

Good is The New Cool: How Business Can Be a Force for Good 

We are in the age of Conscious Capitalism. And Conscious Capitalism requires Conscious Marketing.

In this inspiring and motivational talk, Afdhel shows how business can be a force for good, by balancing profit with the needs of their consumers and communities.

He shares some of the insights from researching purpose-driven brands like Warby Parker, Adidas, The Honest Company and Zappos, who are creating a revolution in business by ‘doing well by doing good’.

Thought-provoking principles from his book ‘Good is the New Cool' like 'Think Citizens Not Consumers’, 'People are the New Media' and ‘Don’t Advertise Solve Problems'' will help businesses future-proof for the Millennial and Gen-Z generations of conscious consumers - and also attract the best employee talent who are drawn to organizations where they can do meaningful work.’

“We are at a crossroads: either we can try to prop up the old, broken marketing model, or we can create a new model, one that is fit for the unique challenges of today.”

– From 'Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn'

How to Move Fast and Invent the Future

Over the last 50 years, the average lifespan of S&P 500 companies has shrunk from around 60 years to closer to 18 years. The stark reality is 'innovate or die'. 

Highlighted by Forbes as one of three marketing innovation labs to emulate in 2016, Absolut Labs (created by Afdhel) is a Brand Innovation hub that allows the brand to think and act more like a start-up again, giving the brand the ability to experiment with new technologies like Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of things and Wearable technology, try new moon-shot ideas, and even fail – all of which are challenging ambitions to achieve within a traditional corporate infrastructure.

 But what’s the secret behind its success? In this talk, Afdhel shares how to apply an agile approach to new idea development and follow the journey of these ideas from validation and prototyping, through to acceleration and scale.

"Technology is massively disrupting advertising the way it disrupted the music industry. Brands need to create spaces for marketing innovation otherwise they risk becoming obsolete.”

– From 'How to Move Fast and Invent the Future' presentation at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity

21st Century Storytelling: Content and Experiences

Millennials annual spend 2018 will exceed $3.39 trillion and 78% of Millennials say they plan to spend more money on experiences than things next year.

In this talk, Afdhel shares some of the secrets of how to create compelling brand experiences and content for a 21st century audience. He shows how to take breakthrough ideas from inception to execution: whether it's creating a cutting-edge virtual reality video game with electronic music superstar Deadmau5,  partnering with Lady Gaga to create a jaw-dropping new fan experience during her tour, or transforming entire city blocks in Brooklyn and San Francisco into contemporary art installations.

"How do brands create compelling experiences at the intersection of 'useful and delightful, that are so amazing that people become evangelists for the brand?”

– From the Chief Digital Officer Conference in Silicon Valley


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