Afdhel Aziz is on a mission to solve one of the biggest problems facing companies and individuals in the 21st century: how to find purpose and meaning in the work they do. 

Following a life-changing moment when he experienced the devastating effects of the South Asian tsunami in his native Sri Lanka, he embarked on a journey to explore inspiring work. This lead to his first book 'Good is the New Cool : Market Like You Give a Damn' (co-authored by Bobby Jones) which explored the link between purpose and success in companies like Warby Parker, Zappos and Citibank. 

He realized that he had a burning desire to be of service to companies looking to unleash the power of purpose, which led to him quitting his job in corporate life and touring the world as a professional speaker and consultant, and speaking to tens of thousands of people around the world from New York to Stockholm to Mexico.

It also lead to him setting up a brand purpose consultancy, Conspiracy of Love, which has advised Fortune 500 companies like Adidas, Sonos, Bacardi, Mars and Coty on how use the power of purpose to connect with Millennial and Gen-Z audiences.

But along the way, he realized one major problem: there was no point in having a great organizational purpose if people couldn't unlock their own personal purpose as well. 

So now he's on a new journey to inspire people with the revolutionary 'GPS to Purpose' model pioneered by his coach and mentor Tru Pettigrew and take his message of hope and inspiration to new audiences who are hungry for meaning, and create a new movement around Purpose that will help people 'Love their Work in the 21st Century'.


Find out how the revolutionary GPS to Purpose approach can help unlock personal purpose in you, or your teams.

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Find out about how 'Good is the New Cool' can help your organization or brand find success through purpose, by reaching new generations of Millennials and Gen-Z consumers who want to 'vote with their dollars', as well as future-proofing your ability to attract the best employee talent who want to work in places that give them meaning and happineess.

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